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Perseus Launches EdgePath™ for Gaming, Content and Media

New York, NY – Perseus, a managed service provider of global high-speed connectivity, today announced that it has launched EdgePath™, a fully managed service that offers colocation and hosting for the iGaming, digital advertising, eCommerce, and media & broadcast industries. Now users in these highly competitive industries will have access to a highly reliable, low-latency […]

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Waters Technology – Why Clock-Watching is Good

Time synchronization may seem an arcane concept, but as was recently seen in the case of Apple, it has very real security implications. By introducing global standards for time-stamping, there is an immediate opportunity for regulators to ensure that any client or public user can have complete confidence in their connection models, and that cyber-terrorism […]

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The Wall Street Journal - Videogame Firms Power Up Networks for Online Players by Sarah E. Needleman and Drew Fitzgerald

Companies Spend Millions of Dollars to Attract Web Gamers A booming video game market is putting the strain on networks featuring real-time graphics-heavy games. WSJ’s Sarah Needleman explains how firms are investing in solutions. Photo: AP. High-speed traders, make room for high-speed gamers. Videogame companies are spending millions of dollars to build faster networks for […]

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