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Perseus Telecom is an award winning global, facilities based licensed carrier of enterprise and telecommunications services with a focus on ultra-low latency connectivity. Perseus provides the fastest routes between New York and Brazil exchange markets and also QuanTA, the fastest trans-Atlantic route between New York and London. The company recently announced the fastest route between London and Frankfurt over its high-tech wireless/microwave service as well. Perseus connects Asia-Pac and Europe with significant points of presence in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Moscow, Madrid, Milan and Dublin.

The company’s management team has decades of experience in major Tier 1 carrier companies and operates from offices in London, Dublin, New York, Chicago and Sao Paulo. Perseus Telecom customers include: banking, trading, finance, fund management, broadcast media, law firms, capital partnerships, global manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

Companies around the world choose Perseus to solve problems and back it up with the Perseus Telecom performance driven “Walk-Away” Service Level Agreement. Perseus Telecom customers enjoy the benefit of having a single point of contact and one contract to negotiate the best market rates over the lowest latency routes offering savings of both time and money.


Recognized on the 2013 FinTech 50 Watchlist 


 2013 Global Telecom Business Innovation Award - QuanTA the Fastest Trans-Atlantic Network connection 


2012 Global Telecom Business Innovation Award - Fastest Connection to BM&F BOVESPA 


Financial News 2012 Jock Percy Awarded Top 40 CEO’s Under 40 



In an increasingly complex world of carriers and destinations,

Perseus offers performance and reliability between financial

exchanges, data centers and corporate office locations.


Perseus customers connect at high-speeds ranging

from 10Mbps to 100Gbps and get work done.



Electronic trading requires the best available technology to

analyze market data, turning knowledge into liquidity while

mitigating risk and maintaining profit margins in real-time.


Perseus customers get the fastest speeds in the world.



To help our customers Perseus partners in designing bespoke networks,

planning, construction and implementation. In addition to

networking, Perseus provides the capacity required to run

your business network globally, offering port speeds from 10Mbps

up to 10Gbps.


Perseus customers have the flexibility to address their own

customer requirements fast.



Perseus makes telecommunications easier to manage as

our team of experienced professionals, who have designed,

built and implemented hundreds of networks around the

world, become part of our customers’ operations team.


Perseus customers realize big cost savings through our having

extensive knowledge of carriers and networks.



To ensure our network customers have access to the widest

selection of routes and networks, Perseus owns and operates

a datacenter at 60 Hudson Street in NYC. 60 Hudson Street is

arguably the most well connected building in the world ensuring

the very best in global access and diversity.


Perseus customers benefit by leveraging the ability for

Perseus to procure space in over 200 datacenters globally.



To help our customers improve their human efficiency, Perseus

offers Podtime® “Sleep Pods” in North and South America.

Podtime by Perseus offers a convenient, private and inexpensive

way to relieve the stress and sometimes boredom of manning

machines in mission critical environments. Perseus pods are

mobile, agile, small and ideal for engineers in datacenters who

need to stay onsite and refreshed during long hours of operations.



Due to ever increasing application speeds it has become more

difficult to  synchronize activities across an enterprise. Systems

are staggered around a region or multiple regions and need to

communicate and be in sync.  In finance, a firm must certify the

time in which it recognizes a market signal, responds and still

manages time. Perseus has taken the lead in offering network

access to the official timescale clock of the National Institute of

Standards and Technology (NIST), offering sub nanosecond

accuracy over the fastest most secure networks available.


Perseus certified time products and services respond to the need

for efficiency, scalability and flexibility. Whether moving market

data, making markets to trade on or need to better mitigate risk,

Perseus impacts your world for the better in rapid time.


• React immediately to market value with the world’s

fastest networks

• Assure “up-time” with leading colocation services

for disaster recovery and Market-To-Market resiliency

• Manage exposure and risk with Certified Time

• Increase performance productivity with Podtime

for the technicians who are always on the go and

need more time for better efficiency