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Case Studies

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Unified Communications and Cost Control

TBA Global is an award-winning engagement-marketing agency that connects brands and people. Their business is conducted using the latest technology by employees in three countries and a dozen cities.


  • Underpin customer service excellence with a first class telecom infrastructure
  • Boost company agility and scalability by outsourcing the management of telecommunication contracts
  • Maintain positive downward pressure on telecom costs


  • Bespoke design and delivery of a new MPLS wide area network with built in diversity and redundancy
  • Removal of legacy network and cost containment
  • RFP selection and deployment of new wireless technology


  • Telecom costs are managed to budget in an assured, low impact manner
  • Solution is scaleable, diverse and efficient
  • IT team able to refocus attention and work on revenue generating projects
  • Organization efficiency and productivity increased.