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CNBC: Interview with Dr. Jock Percy

Markets Media: Interview with Bruce Gibson on the Perseus Global Exchange Network

John Lothian News Editor-at-Large Doug Ashburn interviews Dr. Jock Percy CEO of Perseus on Microwave Technology in the Trading World

Percy spoke with John Lothian News about the use of microwave for data transmission – what is driving the demand, the benefits and limitations of wireless, and a bit about the economics of technology upgrades.

As featured on TABB TV: Compliance – A Matter of Time

In today’s highly regulated markets, sometimes it’s not about how fast a trade is executed, but when it is executed. Compliance with best execution and audit trail requirements, for example, demand that firms can recreate their trades using accurate timestamps.

As featured at the 2013 FinTech 50 Watchlist award ceremony: How Technology is Impacting the Trading Environment


Janesh Mistry of Perseus Telecom shares in the excitement of Perseus
Telecom’s FinTech 50 Watchlist award with Nicky Cotter of FinTech further explaining how technology is impacting the trading environment and Perseus’s role in it to achieve this year’s recognition.


2013 FinTech Top 50 Companies

As featured at Telx Marketplace LIVE 2012: Navigating the Brazilian Market

Perseus’s Dan Watkins explains to TABB’s Alex Tabb some of the unique challenges in breaking into the Brazilian market.

As featured on TABB TV: The Fastest Route Between New York & London

Market participants should demand transparency when selecting a high-speed network connectivity provider, Perseus Telecom’s Bruce Gibson advises with TABB’s Alex Tabb.

As featured on TABB TV: The Future Of Connectivity

Jock Percy, CEO of Perseus Telecom, talks about Perseus’s recent expansion into Brazil, why speed matters even in unfragmented markets, and what the future of connectivity will likely look like with TABB’s Anna Stumpf -