Perseus Telecom

White Papers


December 2013 – Big Data Looms Large In ‘14 – by Dan Watkins

“..Trading firms require as much data as possible in order to find opportunities and to mitigate risk..”


July 2013 – Precision Time for Precision Trading  - by Global Trading

Dr. Jock Percy, CEO of Perseus Telecom looks at precision trading across global market-to-market trading architecture.


February 2013 – What’s Old Is New Again: The Promise of Microwave Transmissions – by Dan Watkins

Microwave transmissions, long overlooked in the capital markets, promise higher-speed connectivity for high-precision trading. But the technology isn’t right for every strategy.


August 2012 – As Featured on TabbFORUM: Finamex: It’s a Fine Time to Cross the Border – Mexico the Emerged Market of Growth – by Dan Watkins

“..As opportunities within the developed markets diminish, the Mexican marketplace is standing strong..”


May 2012 – As Featured on TabbFORUM: Coming to Grips With Big Data Challenges – by Dan Watkins

“…Wall Street business heads and engineers agree that the immense perplexity of Big Data is best categorized by the three big V’s: Big Volume, Big Velocity and Big Variety..”


August 2011 – Layer 1 Physical Infrastructure – An Extranet Obituary. Technical Whitepaper – by Dr. Jock Percy

In the age of optical fiber data infrastructure, the physical layer has been the domain of the largest telecommunications providers by design until relatively recently. The capital required building fiber conduits; way-leave to enter constructed buildings and suspending fiber to utility poles is expensive and still dominated by incumbent telecommunications providers.