Perseus Telecom

Company Information


Perseus Telecom is a global provider of telecommunications that works with the most efficient carriers and well-connected technology owners to provide its clients with the right network solution at the right price.

Building networks tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, Perseus Telecom combines application-level understanding with technological expertise and comprehensive knowledge of regulatory environments in order to deliver elegant solutions to sophisticated problems.

The Perseus Telecom team knows that each client has unique business parameters, revenue streams and applications. Because pre-packaged products cannot provide the flexibility and functionality that competitive companies demand, Perseus Telecom incorporates proprietary and global carrier networks to construct bespoke, performance-focused infrastructures. Our aim is to understand your network requirements and create innovative solutions in which full network design and implementation are supported by service level accountability.

Perseus Telecom has established key carrier relationships with some of the world’s largest network providers and fiber owners. As wholesale partner to these companies, Perseus Telecom is able to access an extensive global infrastructure while ensuring that our service-level solutions are also cost-effective.

With offices in London, Dublin and New York, Perseus Telecom is optimally positioned to deliver ultra-low latency, cost-effective solutions to meet a broad range of client needs. Whether simply connecting trading desks to markets, establishing/renewing networks or venturing into emerging markets across Europe, North America and Asia, our clients have the competitive advantage that comes with 100+ years of combined Tier 1 carrier experience and a strong network of influence in; finance, technology, law, e-commerce, multi-site enterprise, pharmaceutical, media and telecom sectors.

Perseus Telecom customers include banking, Finance and Fund Management Institutions, Broadcast Media and Entertainment Companies, Law Firms and Capital Partnerships, Global Manufacturers and Pharmaceutical Companies – businesses that require focused attention, competitive pricing and local, dynamic service.

As businesses continue to place key applications and resources in the cloud, the need for a network strategy that gives guaranteed levels of performance becomes ever more important. Regardless of the market in question or particular application, our customer-specific approach and service level accountability allow Perseus Telecom customers to focus on achieving their business goals. We are your single point of contact for pricing, ordering, delivery and comprehensive support for all services.

Perseus Telecom is a specialist in ultra Low Latency Trading Connectivity, Colocation and Proximity Hosting in relation to Financial Exchanges, ECN’s and other Liquidity providers.