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Perseus CEO Dr. Jock Percy to Address Trading Challenges in New Markets - Panel session at Markets Media Chicago Trading and Investment Summit on October 24


NEW YORK, October 23rd, 2012Perseus Telecom, a leading global provider of connectivity, today announced an upcoming panel session at the Markets Media Trading and Investment Summit on October 24, 2012 in Chicago. At the event, Dr. Jock Percy, CEO of Perseus Telecom, will speak on the various obstacles trading firms face when entering new markets and how they can tackle these challenges.

Dr. Percy will be addressing leaders from the investment community, exchanges, broker-dealers and alternative trading systems in Chicago on an increasing area of concern for trading firms – the challenge and opportunity presented by emerging markets. As part of his presentation, Dr. Percy will speak to:

-        The growing opportunity presented by far-flung markets such as Brazil, South Africa and Turkey and how trading firms are looking to leverage these opportunities

-        The regulatory, personnel and support requirements for successful operations in emerging markets

-        The ability for third-party service providers to reduce the barrier to entry by providing flexibility, reducing cost, streamlining ease of access and minimizing time-to-market

-        How foreign firms can leverage third-parties to access an infrastructure to trade, eliminating the need to acquire a business operations license to build an entire infrastructure

-        The benefits of a managed service which provides procurement of hardware, deployment and staging of hardware in foreign markets, thereby minimizing the cost of goods and services for firms without local personnel to purchase, manage and deploy infrastructure

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About Perseus Telecom

Perseus Telecom is an award winning global provider and facilities based licensed carrier of enterprise and financial telecommunications with a focus on ultra-low latency networks. In addition to the fastest route between USA and Brazil, Perseus Telecom recently announced the fastest trans-Atlantic route in April 2012, named QuanTA. The company also connects Asia-Pac and Europe with significant points of presence in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Moscow, Madrid, Milan and Dublin. Perseus Telecom works with the world’s leading fibre assets and technologies to provide cost effective, efficient and valuable network solutions for its customers. Perseus Telecom Customers include: Banking, Trading, Finance, Fund Management, Broadcast Media and Entertainment Companies, Law Firms and Capital Partnerships, Global Manufacturers and Pharmaceutical Companies. The management team has decades of experience in major Tier 1 carrier companies and operates from offices in London, Dublin, New York, Chicago and Sao Paulo. For more information on Perseus Telecom, go to


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