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Ultra Low Latency Networks

Ultra Low Latency Networks

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Across regional and global geographies, valuable financial assets are traded with ever increasing speed and frequency. Electronic trading participants require the best available technology to provide critical liquidity while mitigating investment risk and maintaining profit margins.

Perseus Telecom understands these markets. We enable our customers’ trading strategies and ensure they maintain their competitive advantage via careful selection of connectivity, colocation, proximity hosting and technology. Our customers benefit from impartial consultancy on fiber asset selection and global aggregation of ultra low latency connectivity under one contract.


  • Design and construction of solutions that reduce propagation and serialization delay at the microsecond (µ).
  • Service Level Agreements provide customers with our 100% fully backed Latency Guarantee.
  • Asset Classes & Geographies Served include: Equities, Futures, Options, Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income, Commodities and Derivatives.
  • Connection and Colocation in proximity to exchanges in Europe, US and Asia:

Our customers benefit from focused attention, competitive pricing, route selection, tailored design, outsourced ultra low latency trading networks and a proven track record. Perseus Telecom customers vary across a broad sector base including; Proprietary Trading, Banking, High Frequency Trading, Prime Brokerage, Financial Technology Services, Fund Management and Capital Partnerships.